Pet Arthrodesis

Arthrodesis is a surgical procedure that is used to alleviate pain in a joint that has end-stage arthritis or other severe debilitating joint diseases.

Correcting arthrodesis involves the surgical fusion of a joint. The cartilage is removed, and a bone plate is placed to provide support while new bone forms in the place of the old joint. This surgery is beneficial to animals with advanced arthritis or trauma to the wrist/ankle. Healing takes up to 16 weeks in some cases. Our Veterinarian, Dr. Gary Thompson, is well-versed in orthopedic procedures. He’ll work with you in finding the best course of action for your pet’s condition as well as through their recovery.

team member holding happy dog

Pet Arthrodesis in Toledo, OH


Arthrodesis is usually only performed if there is no other option to save the joint. We’ll perform arthrodesis only after careful evaluation of your pet’s condition. Some of the conditions we can treat with arthrodesis include:

  • Osteoarthritis, chronic pain that we cannot manage medically
  • Joint instability, that we cannot treat by other means
  • Fractures of the joint surface that we cannot repair
  • Infection of a joint that fails to respond to antibiotics
  • Tumors in or around the joints
  • Muscle/tendon rupture that cannot be managed by other means


Have you been referred to West Suburban Animal Hospital for arthrodesis? Please don’t forget to read the Referral Policy and bring these important things to your consultation:

  • Any recent radiographs or blood work from your family veterinarian
  • Any current medications your pet is taking
  • A completed Referral Form