Veterinary Referral Resources

At West Suburban Animal Hospital, we perform a wide variety of surgical procedures. Our veterinarians perform not only routine surgeries such as spays and neuters but are also skilled at performing cystotomies (removal of bladder stones), foreign body removals, growth removals, eye and ear surgeries, and more. Our entire staff understands that the decision to allow your beloved pet to undergo surgery is never an easy one. We strive to ensure your pet’s procedure is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

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Our Referral Policy

Your pet has been referred to the West Suburban Animal Hospital because your veterinarian has confidence in our training and ability to care for your pet’s orthopedic needs. We will handle your pet’s condition and then refer you back to your regular veterinarian for continued health care. In the spirit of referrals please understand and respect the position we have taken toward referral cases in that we will only address the condition for which the patient was referred. Any request for additional services outside of the referred condition must be politely declined. We appreciate your understanding of this policy and thank you for the trust you and your veterinarian have placed in our services.