Pet CBLO Surgery

The CBLO, or CORA-Based leveling osteotomy procedure, is a newer variation of the traditional TPLO. It incorporates the benefits of the TPLO and TTA procedures. West Suburban Animal Hospital is the only hospital in the area equipped and trained to perform this cutting-edge technique.

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Pet TPLO Surgery in Toledo, OH


In a CBLO procedure, a curved cut is employed in the upper part of the tibia, which is then rotated to eliminate the forward thrust that occurs in dogs with a torn cruciate ligament. This procedure is also helpful in patients with specific anatomy that might not make them a candidate for the TPLO/TTA procedure.


  • Less joint cartilage damage over time
  • Excellent short and long-term functional results
  • Fast healing
  • Can be used for juvenile patients because the surgery does not involve the growth plate


Recovery from CBLO surgery is similar to that of a TPLO:

Post-Op Days 1-3:

  • Ice (15-min) 3x/day
  • Rest for first few days (can start short leash walks if tolerating)

Post-Op Days 4-7:

  • Short leash walks 5-10 minutes 3x/day

Post-Op Days 8-21:

  • Short leash walks 10-20 minutes 3x/day
  • Limited by dog’s response/tolerance

*NOTE: If increased fatigue, soreness or discomfort were noticed with increased distance walked, revert to previous level of activity and begin from there

Post-Op Weeks 4-5:

  • Continue to progress therapeutic activity. Slow leash walks (20-30 min) 3x/day to tolerance
  • Begin functional strengthening: Figure 8 circles to the left and right at a walk

Post-Op Weeks 6-7:

  • Increased intensity/duration of therapeutic activities
  • Leash walks on a longer lead (30-40 min) 3x/day to tolerance
  • Figure 8 trotting (no sharp turns)
  • Ramps (inclines and declines)
  • Ascend/descend stairs 5-10 flights slowly 2-3x/day
  • Swimming – no explosive water entry
  • Tug-O-War
  • Dancing
  • Trotting on a longer lead in a straight line (no sharp turns)

Post-Op Week 8:

  • Final check-up/healing complete (radiographs)
  • Therapeutic activities: Zig-zag trotting and running in a straight line
  • You may now return to prior level of activity at the end of the 8 weeks.

Referral Surgical Services

Have you been referred to us for a CBLO procedure? Please read our referral policy and bring the following to your consultation:

  • Any recent radiographs or blood work from your family veterinarian
  • Any current medications your pet is taking
  • A completed referral form